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The legal Office acts in order to take care of the interests of the clients either for national and international matters: for their business or commercial activities in Italy and abroad. Clients can get qualified assistance: acquisition of a company, banking and financial fields and international trade. A qualified assistance of an Italian and a foreign staff is available for all clients even for establishment of joint-ventures and trade-marks and it is possible to get an adequate assistance in matters concerning banking law, shipping law,. commercial law and trade competition (anti-trust).
Clients are represented and defended in front of the European Court and in front of the Court of Justice of the European Community.
Clients can get adequate advice for matters of family law and labor law.
· The legal Office is qualified even in national and international criminal law.
· Prof. Elisabetta Macrina is qualified to defend and represent clients in front of the Romana Rota Tribunal in order to obtain annulments of marriages, celebrated in Italy and abroad and to obtain the admission by the civil court.
· Clients are represented and defended not only in front of the European Court but even in front of the competent Court of Appeal to obtain the acknowledgement of their rights whenever any civil or criminal proceeding has been postponed longer than legal terms.

You can profit by the qualified assistance of an Italian and Foreign staff:

Avv. Zerik Najwa
Avv. Ewa Obrok
p. Avv. Michaela Appolloni
p. Avv. Alessandra Malaspina
Dott. p. Avv. Ivana Franco
p. Avv. Niccolò Saà
Dott. Palmira Mayer

For further informations ask for Alessia Falcinelli